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At present, with the continuous enhancement of R&D capabilities of domestic enterprises and the increasingly obvious advantages of domestic supply chains, the ability of enterprises to ODM is becoming stronger and stronger, and many enterprises have gradually transformed from OEM factories in the early stage to technical companies with core R&D and design capabilities. While enterprises grasp the needs of overseas customers in real time, the coordination with domestic supply chain factories is gradually deepened and efficient.


1. Major foreign customers generally have EDI systems, which require systematic docking of orders, and need to synchronize demand changes and delivery changes in a timely manner;

2. ODM companies generally have their own PLM systems, and materials and BOMs need to interact with ERP in a timely manner;

3. Many factories in China have a low level of informatization, and informatization collaboration tools are needed to synchronize production capacity, order execution and delivery change information in a timely manner;

4. Bulk purchase orders require various quality inspections at each factory site, and mobile quality inspection tools are required;

5. Overseas major customers generally need personalized customs documents, such as packing lists, customs declaration forms, commercial invoices, etc., and a large number of printing templates are required.



1. Hitpoint has been deeply involved in the ODM industry for many years, and can provide ODM enterprises with a complete set of end-to-end industrialized ERP systems, including the docking with major customers EDI, the docking with R&D department PLM, as well as supplier collaboration portal, purchase order quality inspection APP , a complete set of customs documents and personalized customs printing templates;

2. At the same time, Hitpoint has fully opened up the entire documentary process, allowing ODM companies to fully transparent and automate the entire process from order receipt to procurement to delivery, greatly improving the overall documentary efficiency.


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