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Cross-Border E-commerce DEMO


In recent years, thanks to the national "One Belt And One Road" policy and institutional support, as well as the improvement of Internet infrastructure and the construction of global logistics network, cross-border e-commerce industry has grown rapidly.

For cross-border e-commerce enterprises, they not only need to focus on market expansion, but also need to combine digital resources and methods to connect consumers, so as to meet their needs quickly, accurately and efficiently.

At the same time, it is also necessary to apply advanced technology and data analysis in operation and management to improve operating efficiency and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

-- As a cross-border e-commerce enterprise, opportunities and challenges coexist.

1. How to solve the docking of multiple platforms at home and abroad, achieve order data access, and improve platform operation efficiency?


2. How to realize the sharing and synchronization of supply chain data, so as to improve supply efficiency, quickly find and follow up hot selling products, and meet the fast warehousing and delivery?


3. How to solve the disconnection between financial and business management and global fiscal and tax compliance issues?


Hitpoint solution +Oracle NetSuite can integrate cross-border e-commerce business situation, internal property integration process integration tool, which can unify cross-border e-commerce in finance, taxation, multi-account, order inventory management.

-- Quickly docking with eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Wish and other mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms, so as to realize the synchronous and unified management of multi-platform and multi-account orders on a single platform, and complete the unified identification and precipitation of customers.

-- Advanced forecasting algorithms to generate timely and accurate supply and demand plans.Easily connect with self-operated warehouse and third-party overseas warehouse platform to synchronously manage inventory data.

-- Real-time feedback of front-end business information and back-end financial information of cross-border e-commerce enterprises can be realized to "manage both goods and money".

-- Supports more than 20 languages, has built-in tax systems in more than 100 countries, and supports localized fiscal and taxation programs in 58 countries and regions including the United States, Europe and Australia, providing a strong guarantee for cross-border e-commerce enterprises to go overseas smoothly.

-- Hitpoint has a strong international financial and tax partners, a service network covering 120+ regions around the world, and self-developed warehousing software solutions can be well integrated with the system.



Establish a flexible, extensible and unified information platform, optimize the business processes, and realize the integration of finance, business and management.

The integration of multi-channels and multi-platforms can help cross-border e-commerce enterprises to further extend their business to online self-established stations and offline retail and wholesale channels, truly realizing integrated operation.

Global supply chain management, real-time data view can improve the data thinking ability of enterprises.

Strong support for multinational business expansion, multi-language, multi-currency, multi-accounting standards, support for issuing relevant statements in local currency, no matter in any country, there are standard financial and tax solutions to meet the financial/tax compliance requirements of enterprises.


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