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The high technology industry has one of the most complex, elongated and geographically diverse supply chains, with products often traveling across multiple international boarders all before their first end­customer shipment.  The impact of disruption and variability in either supply or demand can have a range of negative effects on the enterprise. Those with proper plans and tools in place can often absorb the disruption, while others less well prepared can incur large expenses or customer dissatisfaction.




• Crystal Ball

Conduct predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation, and optimization to create unparalleled insight into the critical factors affecting risk, to enable the right tactical decisions to reach objectives when facing uncertain market conditions.

• Rapid Planning

This fast, incremental planning engine combined with easy mass editing of data to instantly assess the impacts of changes without having to wait for daily tactical planning runs, combined with embedded analytics to provide predictive and actionable insight, and seamless integration to execution.

• Strategic Network Optimization

Evaluate, optimize and design your entire supply network with agility in mind to support multi­ geographic supply, multi­geographic distribution, and multi­geographic consumption.

• Global Business Management

Manage multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities all from a single cloud ERP system.




• Accelerating profitable and responsible innovation

• Optimizing the opportunity-to-order flow

• Enhancing order-to-delivery processes

• Improving outsourced operations

• Helping you expand your service offering 


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