Customized Development

Customize system for your business needs, new applications


NetSuite’s proven, secure, reliable and scalable SuiteCloud platform delivers the customization and extensibility you need to make NetSuite your business management platform of choice for your current and future needs. And with, you gain access to an online marketplace of value-added integrated cloud solutions to power specific business processes or meet industry-specific needs.


SuiteCloud is a comprehensive array of cloud development tools, applications and infrastructure that enables customers and software developers to maximize the benefits of cloud computing. SuiteCloud incorporates a multi-tenant cloud platform that provides the core infrastructure including support for industrial-strength standards of high availability, disaster recovery and security as well as an integrated development environment and APIs to build applications on the platform.


  Customized Reporting

We can assist you to unlock the keys to your business decisions, providing a variety of custom reports to help you understand your metrics and support your decision-making process

  Customized Scripting 

When scripting is required, Hitpoint can provide custom scripts to help users reduce their workload and to improve efficiency.

  Customized Workflows 

If your business process warrants, Hitpoint can assist you to map and deploy customized workflows, which will help you manage business processes and improve overall marketplace competitiveness.

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