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With the boom in cloud computing, SaaS software has become the fastest growing segment of the IT market. Various types of SAAS software (such as online meetings, expense reimbursement, OMS, logistics tracking, etc.) have penetrated into all aspects of life, profoundly changing the way people use software.




1. The innate cloud attributes of the SaaS software industry must be the development trend of grouping and globalization, so it is required that ERP must also be SAAS, which can keep up with the pace of development of software enterprises;

2. The end-to-end management ideas of the SaaS software industry, such as MRR, ARR, LTV, and CAC, are gradually gaining popularity. However, due to the historical reasons of the system construction of various software companies, multiple systems such as CRM, contract management, procurement, cost control, and finance coexist, and the systems are fragmented;

3. The new business scenarios are diversified, the original system is difficult to expand flexibly, and it is difficult to quickly keep up with business development. There are many types of business, and revenue recognition is complicated.



1. As the pioneer of SAAS, NetSuite can provide the best practices in the SAAS industry, as well as the end-to-end value chain management of SAAS;

2. Hitpoint has been deeply involved in the SAAS software industry for many years. Combining the current situation of business and financial management of various software companies and the specific conditions of each subsystem, Hitpoint can gradually open up the core management process of SAAS and realize process automation and business and financial integration with NetSuite as the backbone of the group.


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