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The development of network technology has changed the traditional industrial structure and model, and promoted the convenience of foreign trade. In addition, the rapid development of social economy and multilateral trade norms have promoted global economic integration, and the economic and trade cooperation between countries has been deepened, which has promoted the efficient development of global trade.


1. Due to historical reasons and local business characteristics, the overseas subsidiaries of the Group generally use different local business and financial systems, resulting in the division of systems between the headquarters and subsidiaries, as well as between subsidiaries. Different data coding and specifications make data interaction and statistical analysis difficult, and the workload of consolidated reports is huge;

2. The ERP system currently used by the headquarters is difficult to promote and implement in overseas subsidiaries, with high costs or large differences in scenarios;

3. The business forms of overseas subsidiaries are diversified, with fast business evolution and different growth needs. Fiscal and tax compliance requirements vary from place to place.



1. Unify the ERP platforms of overseas subsidiaries to break through the data exchange barriers between headquarters and subsidiaries; unify commodity and financial master data; unify inventory management to achieve global inventory transparency; unify main processes: demand forecasting, related transactions, consolidated statements, etc.;

2. Meet the unified management and control requirements of the group and the differentiated landing requirements of multi-format ERP of overseas branches, as well as the personalized customization of each subsidiary and the requirements of local fiscal and tax compliance;

3. Select typical scenarios to gradually build and improve global templates to achieve global unified deployment and rapid replication;


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