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With the further development of financial mobilization and
technology, the future financial era fully empowered by technology is coming. However, many factors hinder financial services and digital innovation, one of which is organizational silos and structural silos.

Opportunities and challenges coexist:
How to achieve precise portfolio product management and profitability analysis?
How to maintain strict compliance with laws and regulations and ensure compliance to support the international expansion of enterprises?
How to build agile business models and standardized back-end processes to improve operational efficiency?


Global fiscal and taxation compliance

Multi-language and multi-currency can meet group management and local compliance requirements at the same time; flexible multi-account set system can meet different management goals; multi-company architecture system supports rapid enterprise expansion; multi-dimensional system architecture meets multi-perspective analysis needs .

Comprehensive budget control

Comprehensive budget control covers the closed-loop process of comprehensive budget management. It has a multi-version, multi-dimensional, process-based compilation system and rich compilation methods, and supports multi-dimensional control of each link. It can also be integrated with Office, which is user-friendly.

Integration of background management

Efficient business and financial integration platform breaks through information barriers; accounting processing can be automated, traceable, and ensure real-time and accuracy; comprehensive management and control nodes improve corporate compliance; rich reports and KPIs provide support for decision-making .

Flexible Paas platform
NetSuite Paas and Saas are integrated architectures; low code and high configurability greatly simplify the difficulty of customization; rich tools provide more possibilities for application expansion, helping to create a healthy and win-win ecosystem.




• Anywhere, anytime access for a remote workforce.

• A unified view of the organization.

• Greater financial oversight and transparency.

• Closer engagement with supporter.

• A foundation for new digital initiatives.


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