Three Products Break Through Different Bottleneck Of Business

Hitpoint eCommerce Bridges

1.HitpointCloud EcommerceBridges connects the Amazon platform with a variety of enterprise ERP systems, order management systems and supply chain management systems through the SPIAPI model.

2. HitpointCloud EcommerceBridges provides data forwarding SaaS service for a variety of enterprise systems, including one-to-one forwarding, merge forwarding, data compression forwarding and other forwarding services.

3. For Amazon SP-API Model, HitpointCloud EcommercerBridges provides Orders, FBA Inbound, FBA outbound, Merchant Fulfillment, Products, Reports and other types of interface connections to forward data to the enterprise system, or send enterprise system data to Amazon, seamlessly connecting the whole business process of order, delivery, shipment plan, finance, etc.

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