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NetSuite and Lingxing Standardized Integration solution

In order to help e-commerce companies better integrate parts into wholes, Hitpoint Cloud joins hands with Lingxing to jointly develop a standardized integration solution for Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP and Lingxing ERP. This solution can help enterprises intelligently synchronize business data in inventory, Amazon platforms, other cross-border e-commerce platforms and warehouse systems, solve cross-system data consistency issues and reduce independent research and development costs for enterprises.

Focus on the four major scenario issues of customer data integration in the e-commerce industry:

•How to achieve data unification and eliminate "data islands"?
•How to solve the interface data standardization of each platform?
•How to solve the automation of business data to financial documents, so as to manage accounts?
•How to check the dynamic real-time global inventory number, so as to manage the goods?


API unified classification management: Hitpoint integrates and encapsulates the API provided by the star system to facilitate maintenance and data integration. At the same time, it classifies and manages the APIs provided by Lingxing and provides an interface auto-start switch. After the pre-order platform store and overseas warehouse are successfully authorized, NetSuite will automatically push down the request tasks for the relevant platform APIs. All APIs support a variety of data retrieval rules and have a mechanism to determine whether data needs to be re-fetched regularly.

Multi-dimensional interface data conversion: Hitpoint enables cross-border e-commerce customers to meet the industry-financial integration automation interface encapsulation standards and interface data conversion mapping encapsulation standards, without the need for secondary development, only fine-tuning as needed. Data conversion supports dual modes of merging processing by store, date, and SKU dimensions or processing by order details to meet the needs of medium and large cross-border enterprises and subsequent development adjustments.

Standardized financial settlement center: Hitpoint standardizes the settlement bills of each cross-border platform and configures a settlement center. It automates financial settlement through the source data of each report, reduces customers' manual offline accounting, and flexibly and dynamically adjusts the mapping accounting accounts. This integration solution supports mainstream cross-border platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, shopify, and eBay, as well as third-party collection and payment platform bills.


Product Features

Synchronization of purchase receipts and overseas warehouse flow data, and simultaneous adjustment of NetSuite and Lingxing inventory;

Store site master data、local SKU synchronization and SKU mapping relationship maintenance、FBA order synchronization and conversion、FBA order outbound synchronization and conversion、shipment plan warehousing、synchronization and conversion of FBA customer returns and warehousing、FBA ledger report synchronization and automatic processing、Amazon settlement report synchronization、Amazon settlement report configuration and processing、FBM order outbound synchronization and conversion (self-shipping outbound order)

Multi-platform order synchronization and conversion (non-Amazon platform)、self-shipment order outbound synchronization and conversion、transformation of overseas warehouse receipt details、receipt and processing of overseas warehouse warehousing details、after-sales work order synchronization、post-sales exchange conversion、walmart settlement report synchronization processing.

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