Three Products Break Through Different Bottleneck Of Business

Hitpoint CRM for NetSuite

Hitpoint CRM is a SaaS customer management system that integrates Tencent enterprise products (Enterprise WeChat). Users can directly operate CRM in Enterprise WeChat to manage customers without computers or downloading other apps. Messages and tasks in CRM can be reminded by Enterprise WeChat and can be operated anytime, anywhere.

According to the characteristics of Chinese enterprises, Hitpoint launched a mobile CRM product-Hitpoint CRM,which built on the Enterprise WeChat platform and seamlessly connected with Oracle NetSuite! Users can directly operate CRM to manage customers in Enterprise Wechat.


【Ease of use】
Built on the Enterprise WeChat platform, there is no need to build and install additional app, which can be accessed and used anytime and anywhere through the mobile terminal
【Convenience of use】
Rely on the performance of the Enterprise WeChat software itself, combined with multiple functions such as business card scanning, business information query, field location and other functions, to improve customer tracking and service efficiency
【Social connectivity】
Combined with enterprise wechat, maximize the connectivity with personal wechat to facilitate customer resource tracking;
【Seamless integration with NetSuite system】
Play a good role in localization and complementation of NetSuite. Provide the greatest management support and scalability


The CRM launched by Hitpoint can provide you with a fast and integrated customer relationship management solution.
【Business card scanning】accurate and intelligent identification of business card, accumulation of contacts
【Lead management】according to the diversification of data sources, standardize and organize leads
【Contact list】complete record of contact information, quick search of corresponding customers All work is centered on the customer.
【Customer management】multidimensional reflection of customer history and status
【Visits】easy to understand the movement and visit efficiency of sales staff
【Opportunity management】track the progress of business opportunities, improve accuracy and conversion rate Easy to collect data for analysis and summary, limited energy can achieve the best results.
【Daily and Weekly Report】help sales to organize ideas and deliver results more efficiently
【LBS customer positioning】search customers near the map, which is beneficial for customer resource value mining
【Industrial and commercial query】establish and improve customer database to create more sales opportunities
【Competitor analysis】master more information, change passive to active, improve sales performance

More features are being developed...

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