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Consulting firms constantly face the challenge of optimally aligning staff while delivering projects on time profitably. Meanwhile, non-billable administrative tasks like resource management, invoicing and business planning eat up time and attention. While important, these tasks mean lost revenue or foregone personal time. NetSuite can minimize administrative tasks for consulting firms while gaining valuable insights to improve realization rates, project profitability and client satisfaction.



1. CRM: How to fully link CRM and ERP so that the fulfillment of new orders and financial information can be exchanged in a timely manner?

2. Global after-sales service: how to build an overseas after-sales service system? How to provide full life cycle after-sales service support for products overseas? How to efficiently interact with overseas third-party service providers?

3. Leasing: How to manage multiple types of lease contracts in a unified manner? How to manage the full life cycle of leased equipment and components?

4. DMS: How to efficiently collaborate with distributors and exchange information on products, prices, orders, credit limits, and rebates in real time? How to manage dealer inventory and Sell Out information?

5. Professional services: How to effectively integrate professional service project management with front-end sales contracts and back-end financial management, according to different milestones?



1. CRM: Hitpoint provides a complete CRM management process and mobile terminal application from Lead to Cash based on NetSuite, which collaborates with the ERP part to implement synchronization of order fulfillment and financial information;

2. Global after-sales: Hitpoint can provide a full set of overseas after-sales services for brand products, including the construction of after-sales service systems combined with overseas organizational structures and warehousing systems, call centers and online chat tools, after-sales cases and installation and maintenance work orders, and after-sales parts and components management of internal and external guarantees, construction of overseas after-sales knowledge base system; as well as overseas service provider portal and after-sales work order APP;

3. Leasing: Hitpoint can provide equipment leasing companies with full life cycle management of equipment leasing, unified management and financial accounting of various leasing contracts, and depreciation management of equipment;

4. DMS: Based on the NetSuite dealer portal, Hitpoint expands the refined management processes such as Sell in (products, prices, orders, rebates, etc.) and Sell Out (dealer inventory, sales volume);

5. Professional services: Hitpoint has implemented a large number of professional service customers, such as law firm case management, trademark design management, photovoltaic power station operation management and other project-based professional service cases, which can effectively open up front-end sales contracts and back-end financial processing processes, and provide customized professional service process management.


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