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Hitpoint purchase ladder price SuiteApp

The purchasing department of many customers in China will maintain a set of purchase ladder price list. When they place a purchase order, it will automatically bring out the appropriate price according to the supplier, material, order quantity and price validity period. This product can improve the universality and applicability of NetSuite purchase ladder price, strengthen the time management of ladder price, and improve the price archiving function. 

Product Features

• Plug-in price list, including suppliers, materials, quantity, price, validity period and other important parameters are maintained in the table;
• Optimize quotation approval process. After the quotation is approved, the price list will take effect and the historical data will be processed asynchronously;
• Regularly judge the status of price details, and invalidate the price that meets the conditions;
• When the purchase order is pushed down through the purchase requisition in MRP, the purchase order needs to be processed asynchronously after the purchase order is generated successfully. Get the quantity by order and group by item. Combining suppliers, document dates and goods, read the "Purchase Price List" in order to obtain effective prices;


•Breake through the system purchase price framework, and use a brand-new purchase ladder price list, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance;
•Users can maintain purchase ladder prices in various ways to meet various scenarios and business needs;
• Support Supplier Center. Suppliers and users can share quotations and the data is updated in real time. The confirmed quotation is automatically converted into a valid purchase ladder price;
• When purchasing personnel push down the purchase, the system automatically obtains the effective price of the goods according to the supplier, the goods, and the total quantity of the goods;
• The system regularly checks and invalidates garbage price data, but supports users to search and query historical prices;
• The purchase requisitions and purchase orders pushed down by MRP can be traced back to the original source demand, so as to realize the matching of demand and supply;
• This function integrates MRP function and purchasing authorization function;
More features are in development...

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