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 China Finance Localization SuiteApp

The Hitpoint China Finance App is the built-in NetSuite version of our well-known financial and localization solution: Hitpoint Finance PLUS. Since 2005, our solution has helped more than 300 multinationals avoid potential policy risks, and resolve taxation localization and compliance issues.

Regardless of which accounting standards you report to, our China Finance App converts PRC GAAP data without a need to make any changes to the existing NetSuite data. Our apps meets the tax, audit and management requirements of the various Chinese statutory reports, while maintaing the integrity of the original data in your system. Simply by implementing the China Finance App, you are able to add China-compliant reports to your financial reporting repertoire.


China Tax Localization SuiteApp

The Hitpoint China Tax App is the built-in NetSuite version of our well-known financial and localization solution: Hitpoint Tax PLUS. The app provides businesses with a streamlined, automated invoice management platform, efficient maintenance of disparate billing information, and support for internal and external use.

Hitpoint Tax PLUS invoice management solution is based on the local tax invoice best practice management system. Our innovative solution incorporates all invoice-related matters, streamlines invoice automation, and provides process-driven, collaborative management across accounts – effectively reducing the time cost of the financial sector and the labor costs of routine invoice transaction processing. With the App, you will improve management efficiency and accuracy of decision-making and reduce financial staff workload, providing visibility, optimization and control of invoicing, and ultimately enhancing the level of corporate tax management information which you possess – and, therefore, your management capabilities.

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