Three Products Break Through Different Bottleneck Of Business

Hitpoint tax-included unit price SuiteApp

A large number of Chinese customers are accustomed to quoting and placing orders with tax-included prices. This product can enhance the NetSuite price entry method, automatically calculate the tax-excluded price, and improve the efficiency of customer order entry.

Product Features

• Without changing the NetSuite price system, this product combines the original price setting of NetSuite, and introduces the entry of tax-included unit price in business documents;
• In order to avoid multi-client script deployment conflicts and to simplify deployment and post-maintenance considerations, this product uses plug-in library scripts to embed in client scripts without affecting the deployment time point. It is convenient to configure even if the online users have needs;
•Considering that customers sometimes need to input tax-exclusive unit price to obtain tax-included unit price, the function realizes mutual calculation between tax-included and tax-excluded;


Users do not need to calculate the unit price without tax offline. Users can directly enter the tax-included unit price in the order, and the system will automatically calculate the tax-excluded unit price, tax-excluded amount, and tax-included amount;
More features are in development...

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