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In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology, fintech companies have sprung up like mushrooms in various financial segments, and are already reshaping the traditional financial landscape. The convenient online services of fintech companies and the native anti-risk capabilities of digital assets can bring a new economic benefit of reducing costs and increasing efficiency to a large number of industry customers. With the application of cloud computing, many financial technology companies have spread their tentacles in developed regions around the world, and domestic high-quality service products have also benefited people around the world.


1. Requirements for global expansion and fiscal and tax compliance: Globalization is an important path for the expansion of fintech companies. Facing multi-currency transactions, it is necessary to have flexible strategies to deal with tax regulations in different countries;

2. The requirement to build a back-end standardized process, reduce operational resistance, bring additional potential profit growth, and release resources for product innovation;

3. Build a front-end and back-end business-financial integration system to meet the needs of financial transparency and control;

4. In response to the continuous changes in business models, the information system needs to be flexibly adapted and responded quickly.



1. Relying on NetSuite‘s ability to group and globalize, help fintech companies to build an integrated platform for grouping and global fiscal and tax compliance;

2. Based on the practice of many classic industry cases in the fintech industry, Hitpoint can standardize the management of financial products and project master data for fintech enterprises, and automate the back-end business financial processing process. Hitpoint can help enterprises connect the front-end business system and the back-end financial system, realize the integration of business and finance in disguised form, automatically convert multi-currency exchange rates, and present multi-dimensional investment income analysis reports in real time.


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