Three Products Break Through Different Bottleneck Of Business

Hitpoint Expense for NetSuite

Built on the WeChat Work expense reimbursement system, it can provide enterprise users with one-stop mobile reimbursement services such as expense reimbursement, reimbursement approval, and invoice collection. Users can operate directly in the WeChat Work without computers or downloading other apps.

According to the characteristics of Chinese enterprises, Hitpoint launched a mobile expense reimbursement product- Hitpoint Expense Management App,which built on the WeChat Work platform and seamlessly connected with Oracle NetSuite! Employees can directly complete the reimbursement application in Wechat Work, so that the management can achieve efficient approval.


【Mobile reimbursement tool】
Eliminates reliance on geographic location, mobile phone + network can easily reimburse;
【Save mobile phone system space】
No need to download or install other apps, this APP is ready to use in WeChat Work;
【Detailed and convenient operation】
Combined with 10+ function modules such as bookkeeping and reimbursement application to avoid troubles such as unclear details and lost documents;
【Seamless integration with NetSuite system】
Play a good role in localization and supplement to NetSuite ERP;


Hitpoint Expense App can improve the efficiency of enterprise expense management.
【Keep a record】write down the details of the expenses incurred during the business trip;
【Photo】take photos and upload the bill image file;
【Notes】record important information to be remembered during reimbursement;
【Billing information】pre-stored billing tax number and other information, one-click billing;
【New reimbursement】you can select the items to be reimbursed to submit the reimbursement;
【Message】prompt the latest reimbursement progress, check the approval progress in real time;
【Account book】query all completed reimbursement and loan records anytime and anywhere;

More features are coming soon...

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