Three Products Break Through Different Bottleneck Of Business

Hitpoint China Finance SuiteApp

Hitpoint China Finance SuiteApp is a NetSuite built-in version of Hitpoint Finance PLUS, a well-known financial localization solution. Since 2005, this solution has helped more than 300 multinational companies solve fiscal and tax compliance issues and avoid potential policy risks.

Product Features

• Embedded in the NetSuite system, NetSuite Native SuiteApp
•Complete printing of Chinese reports, vouchers, subsidiary accounts, etc.
•Applicable to NetSuite single company and group company
• Subscription usage, and no local deployment requirement.


No matter which accounting standards you use, China Finance SuiteApp can convert your financial data into PRC GAAP compliant data according to business conversion rules, and generate various Chinese statutory reports, vouchers, Account books, etc. All this does not need to make any changes to the existing NetSuite settings and data, just implement China Finance SuiteApp.
More features are in development...

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