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 Hitpoint’s advantage is that our IT systems implementations are not merely to configure and code, but to enhance and create the efficient operation of your entire business system. We not only understand the complete functionality of systems, but the projects which complement the systems. Our many years of experience in IT and business systems have allowed us to excel in our core business – and have resulted in our competitive market position. We believe that to enhance a customer’s business, we must provide a comprehensive solution – encompassing people, knowledge, processes, data, and systems. During your implementation project, we will analyze the status of your data, business processes, and even employees – and make practical recommendations for optimization. Hitpoint’s well-established method combines consulting with business process re-engineering to deliver measurable results.


While other firms might focus on strategy or brand consulting, Hitpoint believes that clients already have clear business objectives in place, and business models in mind. According to our observations, most business problems arise from a lack or under-use of consistent, replicable and efficient business operations. We believe that this is the reason why companies turn their attention to a systems-based solution: the desire to establish business processes which do not depend on fallable and people-based “nervous systems” to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the company’s strategy.


Hitpoint consulting services focus on your particular operations; we consult and provide suggestions on personalized issues which our customers face.


Requirements Consulting


Based on customer needs and business objectives, and combined with implementation experience from a professional point of view. We develop effective strategies and specific programs to flex product features to the max.


Business Process Re-engineering


Using the customer’s operational objectives to provide direction, Hitpoint brings advanced systems to the customer’s existing processes; we break traditional business confines and establish new processes. The result is enhancements to the core business, which significantly improves efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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