Three Products Break Through Different Bottleneck Of Business

Hitpoint A&R-Pay SuiteApp

Integration of enterprise internal systems and banks requires the construction of a large number of interfaces, and the interfaces of various banks are not unified, resulting in high maintenance costs and high potential risks. Secondly, it is inefficient and costly for enterprises to obtain a complete picture of funds. There is no unified platform or tool to query all data, and the cost of internal cashier and financial communication within the company is high. Through A&R-Pay, enterprises can easily solve the problem of bank statement query and payment through standard interface calls. 


•Acquire bank statement directly;
• Unified inquiry of balances and details of each bank account;
•Can be queried according to semantic tags;
•Unified interface to realize automatic transfer function;
•Automatically obtain electronic bank receipts (pictures or PDFs containing electronic seals).

Product Features

• Supplier's advance payment: After the supplier's advance payment is approved, advance payment will be made;
• Supplier bill: After the supplier bill is approved, the financial staff creates a payment application form for the bill, and real-time bill payment can be made on the payment application form;
•Employee expense reimbursement: After the employee reimbursement is approved, the financial staff will pay the reimbursement form.
More features are in development...

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