Three Products Break Through Different Bottleneck Of Business

Hitpoint DataPump SuiteApp

In the process of enterprise operation and management, a large amount of data assets are accumulated, and a large amount of data transmission and synchronization are also required to achieve data sharing and collaboration. DatePump can perform data extraction tasks regularly to query the data and save it as a file in the NetSuite file cabinet. At the same time, it can also securely transfer files from the NetSuite file cabinet to the target server through the SFTP protocol. 


•Quick deployment: One-click quick installation and deployment is possible. Enterprises can easily complete parameter configuration through simple interface operations, and start executing data transmission functions in just a few steps;
•Data security: It uses the SFTP protocol to encrypt data, transfer it in binary form, and transfer NetSuite files to the target server through a secure channel;
• Stable transmission: Based on the excellent Suite Cloud performance mechanism within NetSuite, it can achieve data timing and stable transmission.

Product Features

•Configuration startup: Configure the SaveSearch parameters that need to be extracted for DataPump basic data configuration to start task execution;
•Data query: Query the data corresponding to SavedSearch according to the configuration parameters, and organize and place it in the memory;
•File generation: quickly convert data into files according to specific rules and save them in NetSuite file cabinets;
•Remote sending: Queue the files and send them to the remote server through SFTP protocol.
More features are in development...

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