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With the diversification of business development scenarios, contract signing is no longer limited to offline stamping. Online signing has attracted more and more attention and application by enterprises. E-Sign takes the bestsign&NetSuite docking solution as an example to realize the function of online signing by both parties of the contract. The main function of E-Sign is to quickly connect NetSuite and the Bestsign system. Its built-in program can send the standard PDF generated by NetSuite transaction processing to the Bestsign system and complete the signing. At the same time, it also supports customized expansion, providing stable and efficient docking services for the integration of NetSuite and Bestsign. 


•Multiple templates support intelligent creation and sending of contracts;
•The contract signing process is convenient and fast;
•Humanized process settings allow contract withdrawal and downloading on demand;
•Proactively obtain contract status in a timely manner and write updates back to NetSuite;
•Receive asynchronous notifications to better support multi-threaded or multi-process environments;

Product Features

•Quick creation & sending: Users of Party A click the [Send to Bestsign] button in the NetSuite system to transfer the relevant contract documents in NetSuite to the Bestsign platform, and notify the corresponding signee by email/SMS.
•Flexible signing: After receiving the email/text message notification, Party B can go to the Bestsign platform to complete the contract signing on its own according to the instructions. At the same time, Party A users can quickly complete Party A's signing by clicking the [Sign] button on the NetSuite signing record page.
•Automatic write-back: When Party A and Party B sign, the contract status will be automatically written back to the corresponding record status in the NetSuite system, and subsequent event logic can be triggered.

More features are in development...

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