Three Products Break Through Different Bottleneck Of Business

Hitpoint We-WMS for NetSuite

With the continuous development of the Internet, mobile technology is being creatively used in daily work, which brings great convenience to people's work and life.
Hitpoint We-WMS is 
√  a mobile barcode scanning solution built in Oracle NetSuite 
√  seamlessly integrated into Oracle NetSuite 
√  one-stop barcode scanning solution for Oracle NetSuite   
 Maximize Efficiency in Warehouse Management! 


√  Easy to Use

√  User Friendly

√  High Accuracy

√  Unified System

√  Really Real-time


√  Purchase Order Item Receipt

√  Return Authorization Item Receipt

√  Sales Order Item Fulfillment

√  Vendor Renturn Item Fulfillment

√  Inventory Count

√  Transfer Order

√  Bin Transfer

√  Work Order

More features are being developed...

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