Three Products Break Through Different Bottleneck Of Business

Hitpoint MRP SuiteApp

Combining business experience in the production industry and NetSuite technology experience, Hitpoint introduces parameters, such as minimum order quantity, alternative materials, and factories (multiple locations), and logic, including parallel computing, multiple computing methods, traceability of calculation results, push-down traceability of purchase requisitions, variance analysis, etc. to form a product package that meets the typical MRP needs of Chinese companies. 

Product Features

•Adopt plug-in recording method and non-invasive design, which will not affect the existing functions in the environment
•Introduce the concept of "factory" to collect multiple warehouses to calculate the procurement plan, without setting up a supply network;
• Introduce common and important calculation parameters in MRP such as substitute materials and minimum order quantity;
•Establish factories and goods according to factory parameter settings and simply configure and modify settings;
•Establish the MRP record table, calculate each data source and write the detail line, and consider the parameters that affect the demand;
• Perform daily MRP and MRP difference analysis separately, without affecting each other's operations, but the results can be compared and analyzed;
• Use Map/Reduce to break through the bottleneck of large data volume processing to ensure uninterrupted successful execution;


• Overturn the MRP function of NetSuite, and create a new MRP calculation suitable for make-to-order enterprises;
•The function covers the procurement plan, making MRP serve the planning department and the purchasing department more comprehensively;
• MRP calculation results are clear, and original documents can be traced;
•The planning department can flexibly split and merge the purchase requisitions according to the MRP operation results;
• The Purchasing Department can flexibly split and merge purchase orders according to the details of the purchase requisition;
• The purchase requisitions and purchase orders pushed down by MRP can be traced back to the original source demand, so as to realize the matching of demand and supply;
• This function perfectly integrates the purchase authority and purchase tiered price functions;
More features are in development...

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