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With the rapid entry of a large number of international chain catering companies into the domestic market and the pace of domestic leading catering companies to go global, the overall business philosophy of the domestic catering industry has undergone in-depth exchanges and great changes have taken place (groupization, multi-brand operation, de-chefing, central kitchen, centralized procurement and distribution, takeaway platform docking). As the vigorous development of various subsystems, the chain catering industry has ushered in a real digital transformation.


1. The catering industry has low technical content and is easy to enter, so the competition is fierce, and the labor cost and rental cost increase rapidly, which brings challenges to the operation;

2. At present, the informatization system of most chain catering enterprises is still in the front-end system (ordering/ordering/cashier, etc.), which is not connected with the back-end system, and the information island is in serious condition;

3. Because of lacking of modern scientific management theories and methods, business operations are mainly based on experience and limited by managerial experience, which is effective but lacks inheritability.



1. Establish an integrated enterprise management platform for groups, stores, and central kitchens (factories), strengthen information sharing, standardize business processes, improve work efficiency, and effectively control costs;

2. Create seamless integration of finance, invoicing system and front-end system, achieve data exchange and sharing, and realize business and financial integration. Help enterprises realize the whole process of supply chain data visualization;

3. Hitpoint has profound practical experience in the chain restaurant industry. From a chain of soy milk, the first customer of NS in mainland China, to a well-known chain of pizza and a high-end brand of coffee, Hitpoint can provide complete industry solutions: store development, store operation (store invoicing), supply chain (centralized procurement and central kitchen production), group finance, multi-system docking (POS, WMS, etc.), as well as personalized module solutions for the catering industry (such as a thousand-yuan consumption model, etc.).


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