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Hitpoint manufacturing cost sharing SuiteApp

Manufacturing enterprises will incur various direct and indirect costs when producing products, including direct materials, direct labor, and manufacturing costs. Direct materials will be directly carried forward during production, while labor costs and manufacturing expenses need to be apportioned to production costs at the end of the month, so that product costs can be collected more accurately. Hitpoint's newly developed manufacturing cost sharing product package enhances the NetSuite expense apportionment function and realizes convenient labor and manufacturing expense apportionment.

Product Features

•Establish "allocation parameters", globally control the allocation method and input method, and clarify the manufacturing cost goods and labor cost goods;
•Analyze the source of the cost of completion, embed the labor cost and manufacturing expense into the system BOM structure, and bind the manufacturing expense account and the labor cost account respectively;
• Creating a new page, users can search for work orders within a certain period of time according to the workshop and date. The user enters the unit price or the total amount according to the input method, and the system calculates the labor cost and manufacturing expense allocated to each completed order according to the allocation method;
• If the actual man-hour allocation is used, the user can click Check Man-hour on the page to view the completion order with empty man-hour;
•Users can choose to download and export excel on the page for offline inspection;
• Asynchronously update the quantities of overhead items and labor cost items per work order to affect the cost of finished goods when a user submits an update for execution;
• When the page is initialized, judge whether the asynchronous process is executed to ensure that the apportionment operation is 100% successful;


• The master data layer intervenes in manufacturing costs and labor costs, without affecting the subsequent manufacturing process at all
•Globally configure the allocation method and input method, and affect the operation and calculation logic through parameter settings, without multiple configurations
•Support multiple allocation methods and entry methods, and apply to various scenarios and needs
•Support financial personnel to inquire about the completion status during the selected period at any time
•Support inspection of actual working hours maintenance, convenient for financial personnel to check for omissions and fill in vacancies
•Support the export of apportionment results, and check the pre-allocation status in excel
•Support multiple apportionment and apportionment process control to avoid conflicts caused by multi-person operations
More features are in development...

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