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Hitpoint purchase authorization SuiteApp

Many manufacturing-oriented companies in China often divide the scope of duties of buyers by the category of goods, assign several categories of goods to an employee, and limit the purchasing authority of buyers and the maintenance authority of goods according to the category of goods. In addition, there will be a rotation system in the enterprise to expose employees to new fields or other positions. Therefore, in the management of employee procurement authority, the situation of job rotation needs to be considered. This product can strengthen the control of the scope of procurement responsibilities, solve the concerns of department leaders about data security, reduce the risk of procurement personnel recording wrong orders, optimizes the personnel rotation process, and improves allocation efficiency.

Product Features

•Establish "purchasing group" and maintain the relationship between goods and employees and purchasing group;
• Restrict views of roles to limit the items that employees can view, and the purchase orders which can be tracked;
• When users view or edit data of goods and purchase orders, the system will judge whether they have the right to view or edit data based on the purchasing group;
• When the user adds a detail line to the purchase order, the original selection list of the system is replaced by a script, and Suitelet is used to limit the range of goods that the user can select according to the purchasing group authorized by the current user;
• Push down the purchase order operation page through the purchase requisition in MRP, and control the optional content of the interface according to the current operating user's authorized purchasing group and purchasing group requisition rules;
• When shifting jobs, users can modify the purchasing group to switch position that is maintained on the employee's website;


•Based on the system authority framework, users can define the configuration of goods, goods categories and employee authorized purchasing groups through purchasing groups;
• Automatically determine whether the user has the right to view and edit the goods and related purchase orders to achieve data sharing and data prohibition;
• When placing a purchase order, break through the system selection function and limit the user's selection range of goods;
•Employee rotation can be realized with simple configuration;
More features are in development...

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