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Hitpoint China Tax SuiteApp

Hitpoint China Tax SuiteApp is a NetSuite built-in version of Hitpoint Tax PLUS, a well-known tax localization solution. It can provide enterprises with a process-based and automated invoice management platform to maintain various internal and external invoicing information and requirements. Moreover, after the promotion of all-electric invoices, the Chinese tax localization module was upgraded in time to provide enterprises with the first comprehensive solution for all-electric invoices based on Oracle NetSuite. It can help enterprises' tax management become more standardized, convenient and accurate from the four links of sales invoicing, purchase invoice collection, expense reimbursement, and invoice filing.

Product Features

• The built-inoverall solution that SuiteApp combined with data center
• Automatic data interaction between NetSuite and Golden Tax System
•Support automatic and process-based management of multiple types of invoices such as paper invoices, paper electronic invoices, and full electronic invoices
• Advanced functions for batching, splitting and merging invoices


Hitpoint China Tax SuiteApp is a full-process management system for tax invoices based on local practices. It can meet the processing needs of various types of invoices such as paper invoices, paper electronic invoices, and full electronic invoices that enterprises face in practice. At the same time, Hitpoint China Tax SuiteApp has realized the full life cycle management of all-electric invoices from collection, analysis, identification, verification, duplicate checking, account entry, deduction, and archiving, helping enterprises to adapt to the full arrival of all-electric invoices.
With the implementation of all-electric invoices, enterprises can realize the intelligent connection of business data, financial data, tax data, etc. Financial and tax-related operations such as declaration, certification and deduction will be simplified, and upstream and downstream data of enterprises can be easily connected.

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