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As the division of labor and collaboration in the modern agricultural sector expands globally, and Cloud Computing deepens its roots in this field, Cloud ERP systems are beginning to play a role in the efficient collection of information and global collaborative delivery in the areas of refined management of modern agricultural production processes, global sales of agricultural products and related solutions and equipment, bulk trading of agricultural futures and spot goods, as well as Supply Chain Finance.


 1. bidirectional Pricing Issue: Due to varying conditions such as sunlight and rainfall, there can be significant differences in the quantity and grade of agricultural produce. The purchasing/sales prices not only fluctuate and adjust rapidly with the market but are also directly linked to the grade, requiring precise transaction prices to be determined after picking and testing.

2. Agile Supply Chain Planning: Multiple trading models coexist, such as demand-driven purchasing and supply-driven sales. Due to the limited shelf life of agricultural products, picked products need to be quickly tested,packaged, or refrigerated, and rapidly enter the market, requiring a flexible supply chain planning platform to meet the adjustment of changing supply and demand balance.

3. Requirements for Full-chain Batch Tracing: Due to the requirements for traceability of the safety of agricultural products and cost accounting, a full process batch traceability is needed from picking to processing, to sales, and after-sales service of agricultural products.




 1. Establish a comprehensive pricing system that covers procurement, sales, and intercompany transactions, with different grades of the same SKU corresponding to different purchase and sales prices. Each link in the process retrieves prices as needed, automatically generating subsequent financial data such as inventory costs, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

 2. A global and group-oriented architecture, equipped with an agile supply chain collaboration platform, provides multi-scenario industry best practices for the formulation and adjustment of global supply chain plans, as well as efficient collaboration between the supply and demand sides.

 3. NetSuite is architecture with a single source of truth and seamless integration across all modules allows for easy batch tracing throughout various stages such as procurement, inventory, packaging, sales, logistics, after-sales, and finance.



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