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Global business and local service! Hitpoint Cloud opens a

Optimization and upgrade

Long-termism and customer success have always been Hitpoint Cloud's service tenets. While continuing to help more customers achieve success, the Hitpoint Cloud team is also constantly improving its service models and processes, striving to achieve immediate response and quick solutions.

During more than ten years of rapid growth, Hitpoint Cloud has taken helping Chinese companies go global as its mission, and has always adhered to the "Silk Cloud Road" strategy. It has successively established branches and offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, and established a professional international project team. With Shanghai as the center, its business scope cover around the world. However, Hitpoint Cloud strives to provide customers with the best service. Today, Hitpoint Cloud has gone abroad and established a new office and business team in Delaware, the United States. With more sufficient technical resources, it can support customers in their North American expansion journey and provide localized services to more customers at home and abroad.

Go global

The establishment of this overseas office not only gives customers more confidence and convenience, but is also a new chapter in Hitpoint Cloud's global business.

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