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More and more companies are looking for professionals who have validated NetSuite expertise. Companies that use certified professionals see more effective deployments and a greater return on their investment.

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Certification Benefits

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The Process

The SuiteCloud Developer Certification consists of two exams:

SuiteCloud Developer Exam Process

You must pass both exams to become a NetSuite Certified SuiteCloud Developer.

SuiteCloud Developer Exam

  • Registration Fee: $250
  • Retake Fee: $150
  • 120 minutes allotted to complete 80 multiple-choice and matching questions

Description of a Qualified Candidate:

The candidate has ideally 1–2 years of experience working with a range of SuiteCloud Technologies. Additionally, this person has 2–3 years of relevant software development experience. This person has the knowledge and skills necessary to design, develop, test and deploy secure, scalable, reliable performance solutions to customize, extend and/or interact with NetSuite. The candidate can explain the implications and benefits of NetSuite development and platform options.

Knowledge of JavaScript, SQL, SOAP, XML, JSON, and REST technologies will also be helpful.

Subject Areas Covered by Exam:

  • SuiteScript (pre 2.0)
  • SuiteAnalytics
  • SuiteFlow
  • SuiteTalk
  • SuiteBundler
  • SuiteBuilder
  • Design Fundamentals

Recommended Requisites:

Recommended Courses:

SuiteCloud Developer Study Guide:

More detailed information about the SuiteCloud Developer Exam and included Topics can be found HERE.

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