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The solution is upgraded again, accelerating the integration of all electricity, and empowering the digital transformation of corporate taxation!

After the promotion of all-electric invoices, the country will officially enter a new stage of "controlling taxes by numbers" from "tax management by tickets". The characteristics of all-electric invoices make operations such as receiving and issuing more convenient and fast. It can be completed "one-stop" on the electronic invoice service platform. The promotion and use of all-electric invoices has brought efficient, convenient and flexible invoice issuance and delivery experience to enterprises. At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for the invoice management of enterprises, and enterprises need to strengthen the construction of risk control.

In order to help you solve the above problems, Hitpoint Cloud successfully hosted the "Hitpoint Tax SuiteAPP 2.0 update is coming!" live event on July 20th. The guests gave a detailed and comprehensive introduction to Hitpoint Tax SuiteAPP 2.0 from the four aspects of the latest policy on all-electric invoices, sales billing, purchase receipts, and expense reimbursement. They also invited guests to discuss the actual implementation of the solution from the perspective of users. In-depth analysis of benefits gave audience reference value in different dimensions.

Hitpoint Tax SuiteAPP 2.0 technology innovation helps digital upgrade of tax management and control

The latest policy analysis of all electric invoices

In this sharing, Hitpoint Cloud project manager Vin started with the background of all-electric invoices, design concepts and construction goals. He explained to us that the promotion of all-electric invoices aims to create a new trading infrastructure centered on "all-electric invoices", thereby promoting the digital transformation of the economy and society. The trend is irreversible, and enterprises need to adapt as soon as possible. Therefore, based on the principle of accelerating enterprises' adaptation to all-electric invoices, Vin introduced to us the overall structure of the all-electric invoice solution from the three links of sales invoicing, purchase receipt, and expense reimbursement.

Sales billing

In the sales and invoicing process, Hitpoint Tax SuiteAPP 2.0 can help enterprises to import invoicing information on the invoicing platform with one click, eliminating the need for repetitive input actions. Invoice information and invoice PDF and OFD files can be automatically returned to NetSuite, effectively avoiding repeated invoicing. And it can also support manual/scheduled batch merging and sending of invoices to relevant customers, eliminating the need for cumbersome mailing/mailing procedures.

Procurement receipt
With the help of Hitpoint Tax SuiteAPP 2.0, enterprises can upload invoices to OCR when purchasing and receiving invoices, so as to realize efficient invoice identification, duplicate checking, verification, authenticity verification, confirmation, voiding, and electronic invoices. At the same time, the invoice can be matched with the NetSuite bill for write-off, and the associated write-off information can be recorded. And if the write-off information is not active, the write-off information can be reset. OCR usage times and verification times are counted, and function authority control avoids the consumption of times by irrelevant personnel.

In terms of uploading invoices for expense reimbursement, Hitpoint Tax SuiteAPP 2.0 can support uploading PDF single/multiple sheets and common image formats, eliminating the need for manual entry. Through the OCR identification and verification function, enterprises can carry out intelligent mixed paste and segmentation identification, invoice identification, duplication check, verification, and authenticity verification, helping enterprises to avoid wrong invoices, counterfeit invoices, and repeated reimbursement of invoices. Finance can approve expense reimbursement documents in different places, and the approved documents are not allowed to be modified or uploaded again to standardize employee reimbursement.

In the sharing of the actual benefits of the solution, our old friend, Mr. Li, the financial director of a Japanese-funded enterprise, gave us three aspects: the project background, the pain points of invoice management under the old model, and the actual benefits of the solution. Starting from the user level, we can fairly and objectively evaluate the improvement and changes brought by the solution to the company's tax management.

problem solved
• The number of orders is large, and the demand for consolidated invoicing is gradually increasing, and the workload of invoicing is heavy;

• The import and export of invoice billing data is heavy workload and prone to errors;

• In the tax system, there are as many as 500-600 invoices each time combined, which is difficult to manage.

Efficiency improvement
•Improved invoicing efficiency: Through automation and information management, the company currently realizes a single invoice for a warehouse. At the same time, combined with digital invoices, enterprises can directly push digital invoices through e-mail, and push them immediately. The company's billing time is greatly shortened, and the error rate and omission risk of manual operation are reduced.

• Reduced labor costs: The company's order management and billing processes have been greatly optimized and simplified, reducing labor costs.

Through this event, Hitpoint Cloud hopes to speed up the integration of all-electric invoices and enterprise business, and help enterprises realize the efficient management of all-electric invoices in the whole life cycle from issuance, collection, inspection, certification to archiving.

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