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At the beginning of system construction, the subsystems among enterprises are developed and applied independently to solve their own specific problems or business needs. Later, with the development and changes of the business, more and more data were deposited in different management systems. If these isolated systems do not interact with each other, they will be like islands of information.

Therefore, enterprises need to integrate and connect different systems. It needs to integrate information from various application systems in different departments to achieve timely acquisition of information, effective management of business processes, and integrated management goals of industry and finance.

Focus on the four major scenario issues of customer data integration in the e-commerce industry:

•How to achieve data unification and eliminate "data islands"?

•How to solve the interface data standardization of each platform?

•How to solve the automation of business data to financial documents, so as to manage accounts?

•How to check the dynamic real-time global inventory number, so as to manage the goods?

As a five-star partner of Oracle NetSuite for many years, Hitpoint Cloud has strong R&D capabilities through 14 years of practice. In order to help e-commerce companies better integrate parts into wholes, Hitpoint Cloud joins hands with Lingxing to jointly develop a standardized integration solution for Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP and Lingxing ERP. This solution can help enterprises intelligently synchronize business data in inventory, Amazon platforms, other cross-border e-commerce platforms and warehouse systems, solve cross-system data consistency issues and reduce independent research and development costs for enterprises.

1. Inventory data synchronization:

•Synchronization of purchase and storage orders: After the purchase order taken over by NetSuite is received, the interface will be pushed to Lingxing, and the inventory of Lingxing's domestic warehouse will be increased synchronously to meet the circulation of the first delivery documents.

•Inventory synchronization adjustment: NetSuite inventory adjustment is synchronized to Lingxing, and Lingxing inventory is adjusted simultaneously.

•Overseas warehouse inventory statement synchronization: NetSuite obtains overseas warehouse inventory data, and completes inventory outbound, inbound, stocktaking and scheduling in NetSuite synchronously.

2. Amazon platform data synchronization:

•Store site master data: Through the interface, NetSuite can obtain the list of Amazon stores launched by Lingxing. And after the development program is successfully connected, store customer master data can be automatically generated.

•Local SKU synchronization and SKU mapping relationship maintenance: the development interface can push the local SKU (item) to the Lingxing system; at the same time, the interface can synchronize the SKU mapping relationship maintained by Lingxing.

•FBA order synchronization and conversion: After the interface obtains the order data from the Amazon platform of the Lingxing system, the NetSuite system can simultaneously obtain the order data (Get). Secondly, when the interface requests an FBA type order, it can be fetched and updated according to the last update of the order, and stored in the cache table. In terms of FBA order conversion, the development program can convert synchronized order cache data into standard sales orders.

•FBA order outbound synchronization and conversion: The interface regularly obtains the Amazon delivery report and order outbound data on the Lingxing system, and stores them in a custom cache table. In addition, the development program will synchronize the FBA outbound details, match the order id to generate the goods implementation documents, and complete the inventory deduction in the FBA warehouse.

• Shipment plan warehousing: After the interface integration synchronizes Amazon's shipment receiving data into the warehousing, the corresponding transfer order is associated with the shipment id for warehousing. When there is an abnormal warehousing statement, it will be added to the corresponding inventory through the inventory adjustment sheet.

•Synchronization and conversion of FBA customer returns and warehousing: the interface is integrated to obtain the FBA return reports obtained by the Lingxing system, and the data can be stored in the cache table. On the other hand, the customized program can simultaneously process the customer's return order into the FBA warehouse, and use the item that was ordered out of the warehouse at that time as the SKU of the return.

• FBA ledger report synchronization and automatic processing: the interface can be integrated to obtain Amazon warehouse ledger detailed reports, inventory ledger summary reports, and store them in a custom cache table. And after synchronizing relevant data, you can handle Amazon's inventory adjustments, removal of scrapping, and inventory transfers by yourself.

•Amazon settlement report synchronization: Amazon finance event reports can be obtained, and Amazon order income settlement and fee processing can be performed. Finally, the data can be stored in the custom cache table after being obtained through the interface; (Note: finance event is a report of Amazon payment)

•Amazon settlement report configuration and processing: We can configure settlement rules based on Amazon FBA financial accounting requirements. At the same time, we can develop a timing program to automatically process the finance events obtained through the interface into corresponding financial vouchers for income and expenses.

•FBM order outbound synchronization and conversion (self-shipping outbound order): The interface regularly obtains FBM sales outbound records and order outbound data on the Lingxing system, and stores them in a custom cache table. At the same time, the development program can convert the synchronized FBM outbound list into a sales outbound order.

3. Multi-platform (other cross-border platforms) data synchronization:

•Multi-platform order synchronization and conversion (non-Amazon platform): After obtaining the multi-platform order data of the Lingxing system, the NetSuite system obtains the order data (Get) synchronously, and captures and updates according to the order last update, and then stores it in the cache table. At the same time, the development program caches the synchronized order data and converts it into a standard sales order.

•Self-shipment order outbound synchronization and conversion: regularly obtain sales outbound records and order outbound data on the Lingxing system, and store them in a custom cache table. At the same time, the development program can convert the synchronized sales delivery list into a sales delivery list.

•Transformation of overseas warehouse receipt details: the interface can obtain the overseas warehouse harvest details obtained by Lingxing, and store them in the cache table.

•Receipt and processing of overseas warehouse warehousing details: Overseas warehouse warehousing details can be converted into inventory transfer orders to complete the first leg of warehousing.

•After-sales work order synchronization: The interface can be integrated to obtain the after-sales and exchange documents from Lingxing, and store the data in the cache table.

•Post-sales exchange conversion: The customized program can synchronize the processing of customer return orders into the warehouse, and use the item of the order out of the warehouse at that time as the SKU for return into the warehouse.

•Walmart settlement report synchronization processing: NetSuite can obtain leading star Walmart settlement report data.

At a certain level, the system also needs to have the "social attributes" of people. It must not only participate in production, but also be able to "socialize" - the data connection between systems, so that enterprises can establish an integrated control system. The standardized integration solution jointly launched by Hitpoint Cloud and Lingxing can help enterprises realize the whole process management of operation, production and target service, and help enterprises realize a knowable, visible and controllable refined management mode.


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