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Oracle NetSuite helps cross-border e-commerce enterprises to explore the world and connect with the world!

Under the impact of the epidemic and the continuous acceleration of global digitalization, the consumption habits of global consumers have gradually shifted to online. As a new foreign trade situation, cross-border e-commerce allows companies to conduct transaction settlement on online platforms to achieve cross-border retail transactions. At present, the e-commerce market is expanding day by day, tending to be highly mature and highly penetrated.

In a mature track, competition will inevitably intensify, and the demand for refined operations for brands going overseas is getting higher and higher. Refined operations mean that companies need to carry out more targeted operational activities based on user groups, marketing channels, shopping habits, etc. in different regions. This requires more intelligent tools to support enterprises to deeply grasp market trends and customer needs.

Mining data gold mines and empowering refined operations

In response to the advanced needs of e-commerce digital operations, Oracle NetSuite & Hitpoint Cloud jointly assisted the Technology Enterprise Society to hold an offline conference with the theme of "Linking Digital Capabilities·Creating a Global Brand" on September 22, 2023. The conference gathered more than 200 overseas brands, cross-border e-commerce, and DTC overseas companies to jointly discuss the opportunities and challenges of Chinese brand companies going overseas based on successful practices in the industry, technology development trends, transformation value discovery, and cases of leading companies. Hitpoint Cloud set up a special booth on site to have face-to-face digital ideas collisions with industry giants, and provided one-on-one professional services and consultation for enterprises' digital construction.

Oracle NetSuite+Hitpoint Cloud Solutions

1. Based on NetSuite’s group, international and multi-organization platform capabilities, it can meet related transactions and consolidated statements between functional subsidiaries. Based on industry practice, Hitpoint has realized automated continuous related transactions among multiple subsidiaries. At the same time, based on the amoeba model, a corresponding full set of business financial management reports have been developed;

2. With the powerful docking capabilities of NetSuite, Hitpoint Cloud has connected with major cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Lingxing and Yicang and mainstream overseas third-party warehousing, which can help enterprises intelligently synchronize business data on the Amazon platform and other cross-border e-commerce platforms;

3. With the strong ERP foundation of NetSuite and Hitpoint‘s deep cultivation in the field of e-commerce supply chain, Hitpoint can help customers achieve refined management of e-commerce supply chain and high coordination with factories and customs, as well as control over the whole process of the
first mile ;

4. Based on NetSuite‘s complete financial processing capabilities and Hitpoint’s profound financial knowledge, Hitpoint can help customers achieve refined management of complex cross-border e-commerce finance: revenue and various expense reports of each e-commerce platform, storage fees for third-party warehouses logistics fee, etc. All of them are automatically classified and imported into the NetSuite system through the interface, and then refined allocation, estimation and accounting are carried out according to different classifications and rules, which realizes the cost reduction of the whole life cycle of SKU and the gross profit analysis of implementation;

The flexible and customized solution of Oracle NetSuite×Hitpoint Cloud is a great help for every brand going overseas. It can help you build a solid enterprise information base and truly become a "super brand" in the world.


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