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Oracle NetSuite adds another boost to your enterprise’s intelligent layout and help you manage your business with data.

In the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, if companies want to gain a competitive advantage in sustainable development, they need move towards intelligent manufacturing. Enterprises should be in the ecosystem of the global supply chain and apply digital technologies such as the Internet to realize Internet + smart factories.

Based on this, Oracle NetSuite and Hitpoint Cloud worked together to help the Yanwei CIO Alliance hold the Yanwei Alliance Autumn Seminar on September 16, 2023, taking everyone into Shandong Luye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and taking a close look at Luye Group's smart pharmaceutical workshop. Hitpoint Cloud will set up a booth at the event site. At the same time, Mr. Jiao Zhenwei, a senior consultant from the Oracle NetSuite team, also gave a wonderful speech at the scene, presenting a feast of knowledge on enterprise informatization construction.

Global digitalization is urgent

Mr. Jiao Zhenwei mentioned at the meeting that digital development has become a general trend. Through informatization, enterprises can establish their own information sharing center and unify internal communication information standards and processes. Successful industry practices and multiple pre-made reports can significantly save online time and costs. The highly flexible and expandable platform can unlock more application functions at any time. The powerful global financial and tax compliance function can support multiple languages, multiple tax systems, multiple organizations and inter-company transactions, which can help enterprise realize integrated management of business and finance. The four aspects of information sharing, efficiency improvement, flexibility and scalability, and global financial and tax compliance will be the indispensable digital core for the strong vitality of enterprises.

Oracle NetSuite Unlocks Breaking Points

As the world's most powerful cloud ERP suite, Oracle NetSuite can penetrate layer by layer from the management layer, business layer, operation layer, and maintenance layer to help enterprises achieve secondary growth.

Management: Improve data analysis capabilities and enhance data availability;

Business layer: Support business development and respond in a timely manner;

Operation layer: enhance work efficiency and improve system ease of use;

Maintenance layer: It is highly flexible and can be integrated with multiple system platforms.

The key factors to realize intelligent factory and intelligent enterprise management are very diverse and are not limited to one. These factors are interrelated and jointly promote the realization of intelligent layout, but technology is the core.  Oracle NetSuite & Hitpoint Cloud can help enterprises upgrade their digital engines and accelerate high-quality management and production of smart enterprises and smart factories.

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